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Monday, February 21, 2011

The TM said the Casino would not last the winter-not a prophetess, Be counted, come to the Demolition Pre Bid Conference

The Town Manager said the Casino would never make it through the winter. Okay, there are four weeks left, but buildings are dropping like flies all over Massachusetts and the Casino sails on. What does herself say now? It's all the holes in the roof. When I was in there, Light was not streaming through the roof.

When atheist H.L. Mencken was asked what he would do if he died and found himself before the 12 Apostles. He said he would say, "Gentlemen, I was wrong." I have no idea the TMs beliefs, but if she were Mencken, she would say, "Gentlemen, you are wrong."

Thei legal notice was posted on MassLive :

There will be a A pre-bid conference will be held for all interested parties on-site on Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 10:00 A.M. Meet at the Casino Theater, 121 Main Street, Ware, MA, at the front entrance. Attendance at this pre-bid conference is strongly recommended for parties submitting a bid.

Click the link for more info. Bids are being accepted on March 2. Some of us intend to be there on Wednesday. Hope you can come and show support. Thanks Pauline and Julie for the heads up.

Per Julie:
I spoke with Olivia Mausel of the Holyoke Historic Commission. She gave me ideas for help on the Casino. Involve the technical vocational students - Pathfinder, Palmer - Ware students go there. Involve the architectural classes at UMass.

Good points!

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