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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Restaurant Week-Kaizen is exquisite

The long awaited Sturbridge Restaurant Week is here. The other night, we went to Kaizen for the first time. We have been missing out. Not one bit of disappointment in the night from any of our party.

The Restaurant Week special menu had choices of appetizers. I started with Tuna-Tataki which paired with the wasabi and ginger at the side, made a great start. My wife ordered the Gyoza, that is the Japanese dumplings and, family being family, I sampled with pleasure.

Okay, I'm not a big sushi person. My daughter, Bríd, who was with us is better acquainted with the genre, and I ordered what she ordered. You got to choose the sushi entree from the regular menu. They had some cutesy names like Red Sox and Sturbridge. All I remember is I chose the one with salmon in it. What else was in it? Who cares? It was great.

Robin got the chicken dinner. I tasted that and it was good, but did not compare to my choice.

As we arrived late, all that was left was the Fried Ice Cream. Robin and I got the coconut and Bríd, the Green Tea. I had no inclination to share.

People had been telling us for the longest time to try Kaizen. Many say that it is the best place in Sturbridge. As an intellectual exercise, I am working up a rebuttal. It will take a long time.

Their website is http://www.kaizen479.com/

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