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Friday, April 29, 2011

Scandal in Ware-Theater may still be saved!

It appears Fred McLennan has been doing some homework. The town of Ware awarded a demolition contract that might have a problematic history. Fred sent by registered mail to Nancy Talbot a copy of the 2008 OSHA Fine. Info included: 15 violations including a death in Holyoke (2008) on Main St when three men who were not properly trained were injured in a roof collapse, one died. Other records were included. Maybe not Watergatem, but we should all know who we are dealing with.

Below is my posting on yesterday's Examiner.

One last chance to save the oldest movie house in the country

The Town of Ware awarded a contract to demolish what is arguably the oldest movie house in the country. It looks bad for impresario Fred McLennan, but there is a glimmer of hope, your assistance is needed.

There is a petition before the Governor on releasing Mass Historical Commission emergency funds (that were applied for two years in a row) 
and half of Your Ware Selectmen were willing to give a stay, while a Connecticut Cinema Corporation made a bid on the Casino this week. 

So, if you want to help, please make a phone call to state and town.

 Phone contacts from Fred: Nancy J Talbot Town Clerk/Selectman Chairman of Selectman
(413) 967 9648 ext 101
. It could be easier to use Nancy's email; NTalbot@townofware.com.Governor's Office on release of Secretary of State Galvin's Emergency fund under his role as head of The Mass Historical Commission (617) 725 4005 or 888 870 7770

Please be polite. Tell Nancy you support the stay of execution and The Gov's office you support preservation of the historically important Casino.

This is a Hail Mary pass situation. The odds are still much against success. Still, a community theater is important for everyone interested in film in the region. I’m still dreaming of the Quabbin Film Festival.

Visit the fanpage at facebook.

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