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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Le Mirage Café-Restaurant Review

Hollywood in Sturbridge is about Southwest Worcester County. So what are we doing reviewing a Wormtown eatery. Well we had one of those accounts that you get hooked into and some points so we bought a discount voucher. My daughter expressed an interest in Le Mirage Café so Monday evening early found us there.

Le Mirage has a pleasant, neat dining room. We were seated at a June Street window and had a fine view of the passing scene. I did have a question for our efficient waiter. The daughter pointed to the top of the window. There was what appeared to be a bullet hole. I asked our good man if it was something someone said? He took it good-naturedly.

We had not come to engage in battle but to eat. The cafe bills itself as Mediterranean. We decided to give the south shore of that sea a try and shared an order of the Baba Ghannouj. The BG was delicious, but was a little too chilled. The flavors would have been brighter if it had been served closer to room temperature.

For her main course, my young empress ordered the Chicken and Shrimp Casablanca. The pasta and sauce were perfect, creamy and bright, but the very large shrimps and pieces of chicken were a bit overcooked and tough. The accompanying salad had a pleasant, tangy dressing.

My choice was the baked Kibbe with Fatuoush Salad. I asked for the added Feta. It has been a long time since I've eaten kibbe and enjoyed on Monday. The salad with the pieces of pita bread through it was also good.

The cafe does not have a desert menu. Instead, one goes up to the display case and chooses. If you don't handle temptation well, it is not for you. My daughter asked for the Chocolate Soufflé. It was heated for her, but was nothing like a soufflé. Not a problem as it was more a delicious, dense, mini chocolate bundt cake. As for moi, the most dangerous place on this planet is between me and anything with Key Lime in its name. I had the cheesecake.

Le Mirage is BYOB. I have no problem letting my inner sommelier out.

We left sated and will be back. I'm not worried about the bullet. It was small caliber and they aimed high. Not a dull place.

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