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Friday, August 26, 2011

Mexicali dials it up!

I reviewed the Mexicali Grill in Spencer for the Sturbridge Times Magazine June 2011 issue. The link is here. The food is tasty, but the general temperature is moderate. Some like it hot, c'est moi. In doing the review, I asked the managers about that. They said they could ramp it up to order.

The fam went there this week and as a hotness lover, I asked them to dial it up on my Cali Burrito order. This was a test of the emergency heat capability. They probably thought they were increasing the temp as far as a gringo could stand it and it was much warmer. The waiter made it a point of asking if I was satisfied. When I told him, it was good, but could be higher heat, he did not hesitate in bringing out a tasty habanero sauce. He then came back with more after I had put the whole dish on the burrito.

The Mexicali is a fine establishment. They are accommodating to the diner. However, taste in heat varies such that you have to speak up to the level of torridness you desire. It is worth it.

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