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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sturbridge Times Magazine is out, Shameless Self Promotion-August edition

Ah August. Less oppressive heat, but the occasional morning with the nip in the air the portends fall and then....... Forget I mentioned that.

I've beaten this drum before. Stubridge and environs has more going for it for movie locations than just about anywhere. In light of the State's generous incentives, why are other regions getting more, dare we say it, exposure? See Page 2 for why a film bureau would help.

Flapjack Willy's is the traditional American breakfast and lunch spot. A genre quickly passing. Still flourishing in North Brookfield. See review on Page 12.

My column on Page 18 is about my affair with J.K. Rowling. Okay, it's not what you think.

There are many other writers with articles in the Sturbridge Magazine, so look for it on a newstand. If you don't find one, you can download a pdf at http://sturbridgetimes.com/

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