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Friday, November 18, 2011

Are some Sturbridge based filmmakers going off the deep end? Maybe

The team making Dudleytown Curse – the 49th Key are traversing ground that few dare to tread. Who knows, maybe they will solve a mystery, or all this paranormal stuff is the work of overheated minds? Then again, they may be playing with a fire that will char them body and soul. In that case, the least we can do is give them one heckuva wake. Their press release is below.

Red Barn’s Dudleytown- “Scariest Horror Film on Earth”–Interviews Paranormal Investiagtor

Red Barn Media completed interview with paranormal investigator/author Thomas D’Agostino for indie feature horror film “Dudleytown Curse – the 49th Key” - about the cursed village of Dudleytown, Connecticut – Watch the Video!


PRLog (Press Release) - Nov 15, 2011 -
Red Barn Media, a Massachusetts production group, announced today it has completed an on camera interview with paranormal investigator and author Thomas D’Agostino in connection with its indie feature horror film called “Dudleytown Curse – the 49th Key” - about the infamous and cursed village of Dudleytown, Connecticut – a place Dan Aykroyd reportedly called the “scariest place on Earth”.. The indie horror film, based on a story which Red Barn Media calls the "utterly terrifying incidents" at Dudleytown, Connecticut, began shooting in November, 2011.

Thomas D’Agostino has written nine books on the subject of the paranormal in New England, and has also written about the history and legend of Dudleytown. A Spokesperson for Red Barn said: “We are so pleased to have the opportunity to interview Thomas D’Agostino who has been investigating the paranormal in New England for over thirty years and has written extensively about the subject”! Red Barn Media has released online a snippet of the interview with D’Agostino in a video on YouTube called: “Dudleytown Woods – Actual Footage – Paranormal Activity Caught on Tape?” In the video, the paranormal investigator, Thomas D’Agostino, appears in the interview as crew members from the Red Barn team film actual footage of Dudleytown Woods from a public road. A Voiceover in the Video asks the viewers to judge for themselves as to whether any paranormal activity is caught on the actual footage from Dudleytown. Supernatural or not? Red Barn asks to let the viewers decide for themselves. The paranormal investigator talks about the reports of negative energy associated with Dudleytown and theories that it could be a vortex or thin region which allows entities to pass more freely between this world and something else. The Video on YouTube which includes the interview and asks whether the viewer can see any paranormal activity near a blue light which appears in the video can be viewed on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qTOQz31wtM

The Legend of the Dudleytown Curse says that Dudleytown is damned, the legacy of a “Curse” placed on the Dudley family by King Henry VIII and his demonic minions nearly five hundred years ago in England. The sons of the cursed family are said to have fled England and settled in Dudleytown, Connecticut where the “Curse” is said to have followed them.

For further information regarding Dudleytown Curse – the 49th key, visit www.dudleytowncurse.com. The Indie Film also has a Facebook Group at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/124889004194600/#!/groups

Please contact Doug Kirkpatrick at production@dudleytowncurse.com or (310) 804-8450.

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Red Barn Media, a Massachusetts production group, has performed many years of exhaustive research, investigation, overcome many obstacles. It is shooting its indie feature film - “Dudleytown Curse – the 49th Key” - about Dudleytown, Connecticut.

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