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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sturbridge Times Magazine is out, Shameless Self Promotion-November edition

So November came in with a catastrophic freak snowstorm. If we have an asteroid hit in December, who is going to be surprised?

Better news, the Sturbridge Times Magazine is out and I have some pieces to shamelessly self-promote.

On Page 10 is my review of Willpower, Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength by Tierney and Baumeister. This is not a self-help tome, but there are some good insights.

I was at the first North Quabbin Garlic & Arts Festival and several others. It is a great early fall take in up in Orange, and is covered on Page 16.

My column is on Page 20. I am no fan of Scott Brown, but Liz Warren is not quite ready for prime time.

There are many other writers with articles in the Sturbridge Magazine, so look for it on a newstand. If you don't find one, you can download a pdf at http://sturbridgetimes.com.

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