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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sturbridge Times Magazine is out, Shameless Self-Promotion-May edition

The weather is beautiful today at the end of the first week in May, but the drought continues.  More rain coming tomorrow, but sunshine is here in the form of the Sturbridge Times Magazine, May issue.  I have a couple of articles this edition.

On Page 28 is my column discussing the popularity of Downton Abbey and our society compared with the "Golden Age."  I have a contention that we refuse to grow up, sartorially.  The picture below from Failblog bolsters my contention.  If you look, his sunglasses were probably cheap.  They didn't seem to help much.

Res Ipsa loquitur.

On Page 29, the Sturbridge lakes and the good work of Dave Mitchell and the Sturbridge Lakes Association are profiled.  The lakes are a great resource and the town is lucky to have a team of volunteers monitoring  the waters.

there are many other articles in the Sturbridge Times Magazine and you should pick up a copy, if one was not delivered.  They are at all the best establishments in town.  The web version should be up soon at http://sturbridgetimes.com/http://sturbridgetimes.com/

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