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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Polearm Productions, LLC-Making movies out in Warren!

Hollywood in Sturbridge began with the purpose of supporting movie production in Surbridge, The Brookfields, Charlton, Holland and Wales as well as adjoining towns.  There have been some bright spots, but it has hardly been one long string of triumphs.  It is with some excitement we note, there is a production company in Warren.  Who'd a thunk it?

Warren, Massachusetts is about as rural as you can get east of the Connecticut River. In truth, we were completely surprised that an outfit making films could arise in such an out of the way area. Make that happily surprised.

That there is a film outfit in the hinterlands is less surprising than how it came to be. Colleen Connelly Gauthier and Dave Gabanelli are the co-impresarios of Polearm Productions, LLC. They have been living in Warren for about 12 years. Had they no daughter, they might have been just enjoying life along the Quaboag River. They do have a daughter, Savannah, and she got the acting bug at a local school production. Savannah has been in quite a few movies, most recently in the currently filming Backmask.

If you’ve ever had kids, and they took up a sport or dance or orchestra, you know what it is to travel. Colleen and Dave, being the good parents they are, took Savannah to auditions and shootings. Moi, I was never tempted to be a manager or conductor or choreographer. Colleen and Dave must have absorbed a lot because they took it to another level.

Adding friend, Mike to the team, Polearm Productions, LLC has resulted. Not only that, but a movie is on the way as well. It appears there is an aspect of destiny here. When Dave was 16 years old, he wrote a poem. He had heard of the theory that the brain lives on for six minutes after death. The poem was a short meditation on one’s thoughts in that brief period concerning how life had turned out. The poem was published in a magazine to a fair amount of acclaim.

Dave has grown up, but the poem was not forgotten. It has inspired him to turn it into a script for a short film. That screenplay will be made into the movie, Lonesome Thoughts. There is a lot one could do with the concept and it will be interesting to see what Colleen, Dave and Mike and Polearm Productions do with it.

Meanwhile, support film where they could use it, out there in the provinces. You can like the facebook page by clicking here.

Watch this space for more developments.

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