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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Warren Filmmakers Have a Fundraiser

Hollywood in Sturbridge reported on the team making Lonesome Thoughts out of Warren, Massachusetts (link). They have a good story and are already in production. Still, there is always a need for funds in Indie Film, and Lonesome Thoughts has an Indiegogo campaign going. We are passing on the information from the website.

Lonesome Thoughts

We are Polearm Productions LLC. Collectively, we have background in film production and editing, audio editing, script writing, casting, graphic arts, business management, and location scouting.
Lonesome Thoughts is a short film composed by Dave Gabanelli. Its an enhanced perspective of a poem he composed and published.
When life ends, there is nothing else but the lonesome thoughts of what could have been...

We follow Carrie through her extraordinary life. We share her most intimate moments and unrequited experiences, intertwined with the misfortunes of others. We also get to follow her journey of life through her family and friends. Ultimately, we realize the truth of her situation.
The four main characters are:

Carrie (Charlotte Lewis), Chuck (Eric Michaelian), Kevin (Curtis Reid), Sarah (Savanah Lee).

Your contribution will help greatly in supporting our costs for feeding our cast, locations, and props!

After we reach our goal of $1500, additional proceeds will go towards submitting the short to film festivals, distribution costs, and screenings.

We are a newly-formed production company. Individually, we've all worked on projects with other production companies. We are doing this project to gain experience and recognition to better support a longer-term full-length feature film entitled "Out 2 Lunch".

To visit the Indiegogo link, click here.

Polearm Productions on facebook , click here.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sturbridge Times Magazine is out, Shameless Self-Promotion-July edition

It is July 7th and the Sturbridge Times Magazine has been out for a week and I'm late, again.  Even so, with the Dog Days of Summer upon us, I hope you will read this issue in air conditioned comfort.

On Page 2, The editor was kind enough to run the Village Hot Dog article that got a little chopped in June.

Do Turkeys make the best chickens?  It's a trick question.  Arguably, Turkey Brook Farm raises the finest chickens.  Find out about this Brimfield Farm on Page 11.

The Tornado of 2011 is still with us.  The aftermath anyway.  George Van fleet and Quinebaug Cove Campground had a year of hell and are back open.  The story is on Page 21.

Our little region has it all, but sometimes you just gotta get away.  Page 26 is about a trip to the Cape.  The other Cape, that is.  Ann may not be a big, but she has her own beauty.

My column is about change.  No, I won't be running for office on a platform of promised societal alteration.  Rather, I am assuming a pen name.  Ask yourself, has anyone ever said the problem with Massachusetts is that there are not enough people named Murphy?

Richard Morchoe, the artist formerly known as Richard Murphy

I'm not the only one who writes for the Sturbridge Times Magazine.  There are many other articles for your reading pleasure.  So look for it on a newstand.  If you don't find one, you can download a pdf at http://sturbridgetimes.com.