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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where is March shameless self-promotion? Change in focus

Normally, the beginning of each month, or as close as I can rouse myself, I try to shamelessly self-promote my articles in the Sturbridge Times Magazine.  That practice is ending and this site will go back to its old purpose of promoting film, TV and video in the Western Central Massachusetts region

Efforts to start a film bureau in the region have not borne fruit to date, despite a few meetings with people who were interested.  Recognizing that, Hollywood in  Sturbridge will serve as an ad hoc film bureau and forum toward that end.  More on that later.

Shameless self-promotion will now be done at the writing blog I maintain under my pen name, http://rmorchoe.blogspot.com/ .  Please visit.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sturbridge Times Magazine is out, Shameless Self-Promotion-February edition

Winter has cruelly set in, but the Sturbridge Times Magazine is out as is it's sister publication, the Auburn Times Magazine as well.  At least there is something to warm us.

Well, time to self-promote.  On Page 8 is my review of Kevin Philips 1775 A Good Year for Revolution.  Did we do it all in that year and was everything else an anticlimax.  Read it and judge for yourself.  (Page 4 in the Auburn Times Magazine)

It's time to get serious about our fiscal problems.  Yes my fellow citizens, it is time to tax the poor.  See my column on Page 20.  (Page 18 in the Auburn Times Magazine)

My work is published with my pen name, Richard Morchoe.  So I hope you will look for that moniker in the articles.  Also, please check out my writing blog here.

One other aspect of the magazine you may want to look at is the Sturbridge Readers' Choice Awards.  What's best in the region, open to Page 4 to find out.

there are many other writers doing good work at both magazines.  Check out newstands or the website here.