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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Adventures of Indiana James; the web series that blends adventure, spoof, homage and Jimmy Buffet has a INDIEGOGO

If you want to work in Indie Film, you have to believe sanity is over-rated cause you won't find it there. That has never stopped the truly dedicated bands of guerrilla film makers who will suffer for their art. Maybe they take some satisfaction in causing cast and crew from suffering along with them.

In spite of the madness, everybody stills shows up.

This explains the obsessive dedication of all who have been involved with the production of The Adventures of Indiana James. It is a web series like the old movie serials with cliff hanger endings that leave the audience on the edge of their seats, panting for the next installment.

The series covers Indiana James and his Search for the Lost Shaker of Salt.

I know what your thinking, “Hey, the name is Jones and that's the dumbest mixing of metaphors ever.” Well, stretch your mind, as it all makes sense except when it doesn't but it still works.

I don't know how the team came up with the concept of taking an Indiana Jones adventure and turning it into a web series about the quest for legendary lost shaker of salt, but as they are still at large, their quest for support should be heard as they can't afford therapy.

The impresario of the project is Thomas Pimentel. He is also the CEO of TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS. TNT is a natural outgrowth of Thomas' love of movies and media production. TNT is a full service production company with oodles of experience in all aspects of the business. TNT owns all its equipment and has been part of numerous productions.

TNT brings to any production a team competent professionals. So what do they do with all that equipment and teamwork on the days off?

Make the Adventures of Indiana James .

They have the equipment, the props, the team. What don't they have?

The money.

This is where the humanity needs to step up. Now we know that not all of that entity known as the general public gets it, so we are appealing to people with imagination, a sense of humor and love of a bizarre if intriguing plot. Oh, and if you have ever heard yourself singing along to a Jimmy Buffet tune, this too should appeal to you.

Tom has been a busy lad, He is going to be significantly featured in the upcoming documentary, Parrot Heads. As you can imagine, this is going to have something to do with Jimmy Buffet. Bryce Wagoner, the director contacted Thomas about the project.

As webisodes, there is a likelihood of it being featured on Jimmy's web channel, Margaritaville.tv. Indiana James also hopes some important names will do cameos.

Team Indiana James has done a lot with little. A sand dune in New Hampshire doubled as a Caribbean island. The old navy ships at Battleship cove in New Bedford were appropriated for a day of shooting. An Aztec temple was found near the Salsibury coast.

Everyone, however, sooner or later hits a wall and needs to lean on others to help and encourage them to push on over the finish line. Help Indiana James and the Search for The Lost Shaker of Salt and history and a web series.

Head over to the INDIEGOGO page.  

To paraphrase Nigel in Spinal Tap, let's make this one go to eleven.

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